Glasstech WA can supply and install pet doors so your furry friend has all the freedom in the world to explore.

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Cat doors

Cat Doors (small)

The Transcat Cat Door is found in homes throughout Australasia. It has been on the market for over 30 years. While it is designed primarily for glass it can also be fitted into other materials.

The Transcat Cat Door is one of the largest cat doors on the market and it is also suitable (as a standard cat door) for miniature dogs. Made from tough, polycarbonate plastic.

Dog doors

Dog Doors (medium)

The Transcat Dog Door has a 4 way locking system that allows for locking the door in either direction, both directions or not at all. It allows for easy control by the owner from both the inside & outside. Your dog can come and go without you having to stop what you are doing.

The door is made from tough polycarbonate plastic but will break if put under strain for which it is not intended. Care should be taken not to allow a sliding door to hit the side of the flap.

The dog door opening could allow a small child to squeeze through.

Care should be taken in the placement of the dog door that the appropriate security measures are in place on surrounding windows and doors.

Price estimator

Establishing your indicative price

1: Calculate the area in square meters of the glass panel to be replaced. This is then rounded up to the nearest 0.25sqm. i.e if a panel is 2m by 0.8m, the sqm would be 2x0.8 = 1.6sqm rounded up to nearest 0.25 = 1.75sqm.

2. Choose the size of your pet door. Please contact us for size recommendations if required.

3. Use  the  table below to estimate your price for glass installation

Please note: This price is an estimate only. A final measure and quote is required by Glasstech WA.